Posted by: Ashley | August 10, 2009

It is moved and working again


Ben Peters, 2007, photo by Alon Coppens

I shouldn’t even have to write more because so many people came up or called or let me know somehow that Wausau Whitewater’s website, was down that I would guess the news would spread just as fast the other way. I knew it was down, my web designer knew it was down and he knew that at least three other sites were down too.

It couldn’t have been a much more inopportune time, just before Midwest Freestyle Championships and a time when high traffic was hitting the website. But I moved it from the former host to where I had Kim Woodbridge moved Design Resumes earlier this year. I would have had Kim do it, I asked her, but since the files were here on my laptop and the site was totally down and she is in Philly, it just wasn’t going to work.

We got used to PayPal which is another new venture this year. Many people have found it convenient to do the payment portion through the many PayPal options on like the ones for Midwest Freestyle. Without the website, no one could preregister… now they can.

So No Excuses, let’s get registered and have the best Midwest Freestyle Championships on the ever improving Wausau Whitewater course in the center of the course at Little Drop! So much fun!



  1. I agree the paypal feature is key. Many people use that second nature these days on the net.

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