Posted by: Ashley | June 20, 2009

Adopt a Whitewater Course

Today, Craig Smerda, former President of Wausau Whitewater, will take over the blog for the moment to invite your help next week:

“Last night I was down at the course cleaning out trees and all of the scruff on the river right side just below the dam. It took three hours to do about 60 feet of shoreline and I took out a literal ton of debris… frankly it sucked… but we’ll be able to use the eddy again and I was happy to get it done.

Here’s where you and anyone else you can forward this to that doesn’t mind getting a little dirty comes in. The entire river right side of the course hasn’t been maintained this way in quite a few years. For the sake of safety, eddy access and just making it look better again I’d like to have at least one or two more sessions of loppin’ cuttin’ and clearin’ next week as we have Wausau Whitewater Weekend coming up on June 27-28 and to hang wires and string gates it makes it much easier if this is done beforehand.

I’m planning on doing another session of cleaning on Monday the 22nd starting at 5 o’clock and if need be on Wednesday evening as well. You’ll need to bring gloves, long pants, loppers, bow saw, water etc. and the ability to identify poison ivy (although I didn’t see any last night I know there’s some in other areas of the course)

I hope you can join me…



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