Posted by: Ashley | June 2, 2009

We’re off and paddling!

080712_1296Seems like it was only yesterday that the water was turned off for the last time and I wasn’t the only one feeling sad… see Nora Whitmore’s post, as she says, “Ever have a season you just didn’t want to end? The music stops but the feelings remain like like a soft breeze randomly tickling you? You can’t see it but you know it’s there. The memories of the year flitting thru your mind like fall leaves? This year at Wausau was beautiful. So much growth!”

But guess what? Water runs again on Saturday! If you haven’t been to Wausau to play on our course and visit our beautiful city, this is your chance. If you have been here time and time again, we have great things to share with you on the river. If you live here and didn’t know we have a river that is one of the priced possessions of the paddling community, go look downtown on River drive. The river runs through Wausau and we are so excited to share the river with everyone. 

Here’s a sneak preview of what is happening: 

Wausau Whitewater is on this Saturday 6/6 so if you are planning to come to Wisconsin, the course is waiting for you to try it out! Located right downtown in Wausau on River Drive for $10 plus your ACA membership or $5 event fee you can paddle from 10am to 4pm. There are 10 recreational releases this season and Saturday 6/13 is the next one.

Our vendor, Now that’s BarBQue will be there with charbroiled hamburgers and cheeseburgers, charbroiled chicken sandwiches, french fries, cheese fries, and cheesy nachos as well as a selection of drinks and coffee or hot chocolate!

If you are looking for instruction there are a few openings for the Basic Whitewater Instruction by Bear Paw Outdoor Adventure Resort on the Wausau Whitewater course in the afternoon 1pm to 4pm session on June 6 but more throughout the season. Registration forms are available on the website at as well as on the training page, and there are still openings in the Ray McLain Training Camp from June 22 -26 and Olympic Gold Medal Winner, Joe Jacobi is coming to coach. He arrives on June 24 and stays through the Wausau Whitewater Weekend which features the infamous Dash for Cash and the new World Kayak “Slalom Survivor”

 You don’t want to miss out on Wausau this season, come and come often… we love having you here. Lodging is available both at our FREE river camp all season or use the great rates of our multiple lodging partners by calling with the code word, “KAYAK”

Questions, call or e-mail me at!


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