Posted by: Ashley | May 12, 2009

You Amaze Me!

I’m crunching on the deadline for Wausau Whitewater 2009 right now and so tired that I may just drop over but I wanted to take a second to say thank you! The ChipIn meter as of this writing has raised $440. Now that is low in respect to the $20,000 goal but it is huge compared to how our mailings went of old. I spent days, writing, creating, and then printing, stuffing, and mailing our donation information. The mailing alone cost over that $440 and we only made a little more of that back. On Saturday, I put up the ChipIn Meter on and my own blog, on Saturday and by tonight, we had $440.

Thank you for caring… for wanting to keep this great resource running and for acting. By acting, you convince me that talking to you is worthwhile. You also MFC Crowdcan talk back to in my comment section. I really do read them and try to respond too. It’s just that my life is forever one project deadline after another but I miss my river friends and June 6 is just around the corner!


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