Posted by: Ashley | May 10, 2009

Success comes in Small Steps

Just a quick update to say thank you for all the people that help me and encourage me. Yesterday, I set up a ChipIn Widget on to see if we could create groundswell of grassroots type donations to help with the shortfall from our sponsor base. Don’t get me wrong, our sponsors still have given generously to help keep Wausau Whitewater afloat. Though the Wausau Insurance brand is no more, Liberty Mutual still signed on as a Gold Sponsor. Many of our sponsors downsized their donations, but only a few actually quit supporting us. Thank you to Greenheck Fan Corporation, Green Bay Packaging, Siemens, Marathon Savings Bank, Abby Bank, M&I Bank, Noodles, Esquif, Jackson Kayak, World Kayak, Wausau Paper, Rutabaga, Bear Paw, TD Fischer Group, 89Q, Trigs, Associated Bank, Jefferson Street Inn, Deffner Law Firm, Sun Printing, Rapidsriders, Midwest Mountaineers, Precision Grading & Utilities, Wisconsin Valley Improvement, The Write Solution, 3M, US Trail Maps, and East Bay for both the cash and in-kind sponsorships that keep us afloat.

Yesterday I reached out to the rest of the paddling world, volunteers, and community who know what Wausau Whitewater does. Danny Brown and his 12for12K Challenge taught me about ChipIn and how you can monitor donations as they come in. I’ve been a contributor in a very small way to Danny’s causes and Danny and other leaders in social media have taught me new tools like the ChipIn. Once upon a time, I was afraid to venture out into all these new methods but thanks to Twitter, LinkedIn, and FaceBook, I have seen their power and been amazed. Danny was curious awhile back as to how non-profits and tourism-related groups in particular were using social media. I took it as a challenge to continue to explore new tools.

As of yesterday, the open canoe group was leading the ChipIn donations and in one day, Wausau Whitewater had $400 more dollars to help us make it possible to offer swiftwater rescue training for firefighters, paddlers, and the public. We can create innovative partnerships like the one with Bear Paw with basic whitewater training at recreational releases or the First Descents group that will use the

Swiftwater rescue by Ted Bratton

Swiftwater rescue by Ted Bratton

 Whitewater course for one day to provide whitewater kayaking and other outdoor adventure experiences to promote emotional, psychological and physical healing for young adults with cancer.

Your donations via the ChipIn widget at will make all of this possible. Thank you for showing me that you care too! Together we can achieve success with small steps!


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