Posted by: Ashley | May 6, 2009

Be the Someone

161Last post I told you we are short on operating funds for Wausau Whitewater 2009.  President Mike Schroeder and I have cash flowed all the events, training, and recreational releases to make them break even or make money.

We have had rave reviews on how great the course is from the boating community. We have been complimented by competitors and participants from around the world. We want to offer more to everyone. We want to keep improving the course, offering outstanding programs, and opening the door to whitewater for everyone.

Your turn… Be the someone

If you were even impacted by events, training, or recreation at Wausau Whitewater, be the someone. We all can make a difference and it doesn’t take big sponsor donations to do it though we welcome those as well.

Go to the ChipIn Donation button on the homepage of :

We could eliminate the deficit of $20,000:

  • 2000 people donated $10 OR

  • 1000 people donated $20 OR

  • 500 people donated $40 OR

  • 200 people donated $100 OR

  • 100 people donated $200

We would be there.

Can you be a someone?

President Michael Schroeder shares his thoughts:

Welcome to Wausau Whitewater!

 Wausau Whitewater is a non profit organization of volunteers dedicated to managing the events, competition, training, recreation and more that happen each year at Whitewater Park in downtown Wausau. Let me take a moment and share with you the many ways this world-class whitewater course provides value to our community.

Competition: Every year Wausau Whitewater hosts regional, national and international canoe and kayak events starting with our own Wausau Whitewater Weekend and Midwest Freestyle Championships that attracts competitors from the Midwest and beyond. Our events are always open and we encourage the public to register and compete for awards and prizes. Wausau also typically hosts national or international events each year and our international event this year is the North American Canoe Championships, with the Jr. World Championships coming to Wausau in the near future.

Recreation: You can bring your boat and paddle at Whitewater Park during any of the 10 recreational releases scheduled this year. Enjoy a day of fun on the Whitewater course for an extremely reasonable price, $10 a day, plus $5 for ACA insurance.

Compassion: Our compassion event this year takes place in June when Wausau Whitewater hosts a First Descents Camp – an outdoor adventure for young adults with cancer. The camp gives everyone a day of fun and fellowship at Whitewater Park.

Training: From our Ray McLain Training Camp to Open Canoe and Freestyle Clinics, we offer training for all types of boating. This year, through partnership with Bear Paw Outdoor adventures, we’re offering a two- to three-hour Introduction to Basic Kayaking class during recreational releases. For $35, Bear paw provides instruction, kayak and equipment. You’ll need to register in advance for this fun-filled class.

While the Swift Water Rescue Clinic, held each year, is open to the public for boaters and non-boaters alike, it also provides a valuable resource to firefighters and first responders from across the state. Seven counties have already taken advantage of this important swift water training.

This world-class resource at Whitewater Park is yours, all yours. They’re your events. Compete, volunteer or sit back and watch the excitement – no matter what you choose, you’ll be glad you got involved. Join us for a day of fun on the water during recreational releases or take it to the next level at a training camp or clinic. Consider this your invitation to join Wausau Whitewater – the local paddling community with an international reach. Learn to paddle. You won’t be sorry you did!

For a complete calendar of competitive events, recreational water release schedule, sponsorship and volunteer information please visit

Michael Schroeder, President – Wausau Kayak/Canoe Corporation



  1. for kayaking, what logging features do you think would be the most helpful? Would it be mapping out kayaking routes? Logging times, distance, or calories? We just launched a site and were interested in developing some features for this community. We have filtered reporting and were curious if you had suggestions for other features.


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