Posted by: Ashley | November 6, 2008

Breathlessly Awaiting the 2009 Schedule

I can tell by the search engine and blog stat results that there are people searching for our schedule. This post will be brief because all you want to know is the schedule anyway! Yes, we have 10 recreational releases (not enough people have answered the contest post yet to call it anything else). The prize for the Name the Releases Contest is a seasons pass to the 10 recreational releases valued at $65 so leave comments or e-mail me at or reply to the contest postings on and

What you are waiting for:

2009 Wausau Whitewater Schedule

See for details


Pool Sessions – John Muir Middle School Pool, Wausau

March 11, 18, Wednesdays, 6pm to 8pm Roll Practice & Paddling

March 15, Sunday, 2pm to 5pm Pool Slalom

March 22, Sunday, 3pm to 5pm, Roll Practice & Paddling


Recreational Releases 10am to 4pm

June 6, Saturday

June 13, Saturday

July 12, Sunday

July 26, Sunday

August 8 & 9, Saturday & Sunday

September 5 & 6, Saturday & Sunday, Labor Day Weekend

September 19 & 20, Saturday & Sunday, Summer Final Flow Celebration



June 22 June 26, Ray McLain Training Camp

July 16 & 17, Swiftwater Rescue Training Clinic (tentative)

First Descent Camp (targeted at adults with cancer) (tentative)

July 28 & 29 Open Canoe Training Clinic (tentative)

August 13 &14, Jackson Freestyle Training Clinic


Competitive Events

Wausau Whitewater Weekend

June 27 & 28; Practice Water June 26

American Canoe Association Open Canoe Slalom Nationals & North American Championships

July 31, August 1 & 2; Practice Water, July 28 30

Midwest Freestyle Championships

August 15 -16; Practice Water combined with Clinic, August 13 & 14

The information will be expanded on as soon as I develop those pages and as we develop the supporting documents like registration.

We continue to thank our sponsors: Wausau Insurance (presenting sponsor), Wausau Papers, Wausau Daily Herald, Wisconsin Public Service, MetLife, Community Foundation of North Central Wisconsin, Greenheck Fan Corporation, Siemens, Noodles, and CIty of Wausau as well as the numerous other supporting companies we highlight on the website. Without the corporate and community support, Wausau Whitewater cannot provide this exceptional schedule of whitewater activities.

If you’ve never been to Wausau, come see us this summer!



  1. Hi!
    If you could, it would be a good idea to update the
    AWA site for the Wausau course:

    I think Rob might be involved with them.

  2. Good Idea, Doug! I’ve wondered about that for a long time. I guess it is time to take action. I will check with Rob!

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