Posted by: Ashley | October 18, 2008

What’s This Sponsor Business All About?

Wausau Whitewater is a non-profit. Though we charge for use of the course through registration and paddling fees for recreational releases, there are many costs that aren’t covered by those fees. To supplement those fees, the early organizers set in place a sponsor program.

For as long as I have been around and much longer, Wausau Insurance, and now its parent company, Liberty Mutual Group, has been our presenting sponsor. We are grateful for their continued support which provides a generous donation that gives us a base. We have been blessed with widespread community support from corporations such as Wausau Papers, Greenheck Fan Corporation, MetLife, Siemens, Noodles, Abby Bank, Associated Bank, M&I Bank, Marathon Savings Bank, and many more. Cash donations help meet expenses.

Sponsorship is not contained just to our cash donors though. We accept in-kind donations for any service or product that we can use in our events, training, course operations, course construction, and marketing. One of the largest in-kind donation comes from Wisconsin Public Service (WPS) who donates the water released from the dam which otherwise would be used for hydropower. They have been generous both with the water and with coordinating the dam operators to meet our release schedule. Wausau Paper has also given the paper for the Wausau Whitewater promotional program (52 – 60 pages) which we use to promote our sponsors and provide information about what happens on the river. Our media parters, like Wausau Daily Herald and 89Q assure us that the public will be informed of our schedule.

There are many more sponsors than I can discuss in one post but we are very grateful for each and every one of them and highlight them all through the new Flash listing on the home page of our website.

Without their contributions, we would find it difficult to keep Wausau Whitewater Flowing. This blog will provide me one more way to say thank you. If you have participated in our events, training, or recreational releases, please help me with those thank yous. In this economy, sponsors need to know that their dollars are appreciated.

If you are a corporation or small business who has been blessed with abundance and believe in what Wausau Whitewater does, contact me to see how we can work together to promote your company and Wausau Whitewater at the same time!


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